Massage Oil
Pour a little oil with the essence of tropical islands onto your skin and massage or drop into full bathtub and enjoy muscle relaxation with pleasant aroma to calm or refresh upon your choices.
Plant Carrier Oil, Essential Oils.
50 ml.
Fiji 120 Baht
Bali 120 Baht
Jamaica 120 Baht
Maldive 120 Baht
Phuket 120 Baht
Samui 120 Baht
Tahiti 120 Baht
100 ml.
Bali 250 Baht
Fiji 250 Baht
Jamaica 250 Baht
Maldive 250 Baht
Phuket 250 Baht
Samui 250 Baht
Tahiti 250 Baht
7 Exotic Scents Inspired by The 7 Paradise Islands
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