Bath Salt
Our bath salt is special blended from superb purified finest sea salt with essential oil and herbs. It's perfect for skin exfoliating and deep cleansing.
Finest Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Herbs Extract.
40 g.
Tahiti 90 Baht
Samui 90 Baht
Phuket 90 Baht
Maldive 90 Baht
Jamaica 90 Baht
Fiji 90 Baht
Bali 90 Baht
100 g.
Tahiti 200 Baht
Samui 200 Baht
Phuket 200 Baht
Maldive 200 Baht
Jamaica 200 Baht
Fiji 200 Baht
Bali 200 Baht
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